When All Else Fails, Let Energy Be Your Guide…
Bestselling Author & Internationally Renowned Healer, Carol Tuttle, Teaches You…

How To Apply Energy Work To EVERY Aspect Of Your Life & MAGNIFY Your Potential In Your Career, Money, Goals, Health, Relationships & More — And Even Heal Others

Finally, A Revolutionary Energy Healer’s Mastery Program That Puts EVERYTHING You Need To Know About Applying Energy Work — For Yourself And Others — At Your Fingertips

For Those Who Want To Attain Mastery In Energy Healing, So They Can Work On Themselves & Others As A Healer

By now, you probably know energy healing is one of the most powerful ways to transform your life. Because we’re not just physical beings — we also exist as spiritual beings.

The gap is that the academic curriculum you’ve gone through largely ignores our spiritual side, in which we’re nothing but pure energy. (The religions that do teach this are bound by dogmas and limiting views.)

This is a lost opportunity, because when you learn to work on your spiritual side, and your energy, transformation happens in seconds.

And you can reach your full potential in ANY aspect of your life, so you experience more healing, abundance, love, happiness — or any other kind of “success” you desire.

Over the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal to you a proven and practically effortless way you can experience deep healing, multiply your success, and start creating a life you are truly inspired by.

You’re about to…

Discover the secrets of Energy Mastery.

Carol Tuttle

If You’re Not Using Energy Work To Enhance Your Life, You’re Probably Missing Out Big Time

Let me ask you a quick question:

Have you ever wondered why some people not only survive during tough times… but thrive?

You know what I mean — the kind of people who enjoy loving and fulfilling relationships. They do fulfilling work they love — and attract success and money as if it was magnetized to them.

Their intuition is highly attuned, so they rarely make the wrong decision. And they feel so vibrantly alive, with positive energy and perfect health, that their lives just keep getting better and better.

So what is their secret? How do some people create such profound levels of success, while so many around them settle for much less?

The truth is, these people have discovered the secrets of energy mastery.

And now, for the very first time, so can you. Because, when you learn the secrets I reveal in this revolutionary 10-module training program, you will discover the power of energy healing… first-hand.

No matter what you do for a living (or aspire to do), the skills and techniques you will learn will help improve every area of your life. Because to truly function powerfully in the world, you need to recognize — and work with — your energy.


Simply because…


Everything Is Energy (Yes, Everything)

Did you know that science has finally caught up with what philosophers and mystics have been teaching for millennia?

Science has finally proven that everything is energy. Everything.

From the atoms in your fingers, to the screen you’re reading this on, all the way to the money in your bank account, everything is energy. And because everything is energy, your level of success and wellbeing are directly proportionate to your understanding of energy.

You see, we live in a dualistic world — part physical, part energetic. And without paying attention to energy, you’re operating at only HALF your true potential.

Imagine trying to get through everything on your to-do list today — with only ONE arm. What kind of day do you think you would have? If you’re like me, you’d probably struggle… and things would be a lot more challenging than they need to be.

But that’s essentially what you’re doing to yourself when your energy is out of alignment. When you try to live without understanding your own inner energy, your life becomes much more difficult.

But the reverse is also true: because the more connected you are to your unique, personal energy, the easier it is to experience the wellbeing, love and success you desire and deserve. This powerful energy influences your behaviour, your relationships, your career, and — ultimately — your inner confidence.

A Secret That Was Censored

Have you read Napoleon Hill’s famous book Think and Grow Rich?

It’s been called the “blueprint of all achievement” by some of the most successful people in the world, from US Presidents like Woodrow Wilson to inventors like Thomas Edison, and business moguls such as Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie.

And while you might be familiar with ideas like “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve,” did you know that Think and Grow Rich also teaches us about energy?

Napoleon Hill shared his insights on energy on page 33 of the original manuscript back in 1937. But you won’t find this section in modern editions. Why?

It was censored. Because apparently, people were not ready to hear it. Are you? Here is what Napoleon Hill said…

“The ether in which this little earth floats, in which we move and have our being, is a form of energy moving at an inconceivably high rate of vibration, and that the ether is filled with a form of universal power which ADAPTS itself to the nature of the thoughts we hold in our minds; and INFLUENCES us, in natural ways, to transmute our thoughts into their physical equivalent.”

In other words, Hill knew back in 1937 what scientists are just catching up to now: that energy envelopes us. It guides us. It is us. Energy flows through us, reacts to our thoughts, and transforms the physical world around us.

Energy is literally pulsing through your body right now as you read these words — it’s shooting through lines in your body known as meridian lines (the basis of acupuncture), and is swirling in vortexes at the center of your being (your chakras).

And if you’re not consciously using the study of energy to improve the quality of your life, you’re probably missing out.

Working With Your Energy Is The #1 Solution To Most Of Life’s Biggest Challenges — Let Me Explain…

I believe that all the major challenges you face are because of a lack of awareness of your unique energy type.

This affects you in more ways than you can probably imagine.

For example, we know that more than half of marriages end in divorce. Yet with a deeper understanding of our energy, we benefit from greater expressions of love, empathy and forgiveness… thus avoiding relationship-straining states like depression and anger… and, yes, enjoying more mind-blowing sex!

And here’s another example of why your unique energy is so important:

Look at the economy. Entrepreneur Weekly reports that 44% of new companies go bust in their first 36 months of trading. The US Small Business Administration admits that well over half of businesses fail within five years. And the unemployment rate in the US hovers close to 6%.

Yet, somehow, certain people are prospering. Some businesses are thriving. Many, many people are consistently adding 50%, 100%, even 200% to their income, year-on-year.

How is this? Well, because money is — like everything else — simply energy. Your level of financial security and abundance is directly proportional to your energetic state. What this means is simple:

When you change your energy, you can (literally) change your income.

How do I know? Because I’ve witnessed that first-hand.

Instructor Profile

About Carol Tuttle

“I Was $45,000 In Debt… I Had 4 Children, And 0 Income”

In the mid-90s, I was suffering from what was medically described as a nervous breakdown. I was overwhelmed with severe depression, I had four children under the age of six, and I could not function day-to-day.

I went down the route of conventional medicine and psychology for two years — with little improvement. It got to the point where I was so desperate and so overcome with anxiety and mood swings, I wanted to end my life.

The only thing that kept me going were my four children…

I remember my doctor telling me that if I didn’t get some help in my home to care for my children, I’d have to go to a mental health facility — because I was not functioning at the level needed to take care of my children.

And what it took for me to do that was overwhelming.

I was at a place that, in the metaphysical world, we call the dark night of the soul.

But I was so motivated to heal myself for the sake of my children, and didn’t want to wound them.

So in the early 90s, I was led to energy healing and became a reiki master in 1991, and that was the beginning of the path I have been on now for many, many years.

And from that place of desperation, I started to feel a wholeness I had never felt.


“I Started To Really Heal”

Not just to find coping mechanisms.

Not just to find strategies for getting by, dealing with my disease.

It was real true healing that energy healing gave me.

I was compelled to share it with the world, and I knew that I was being called to help people, so I became a trained energy healer in 1994.

Well, in the middle of the story, my husband and I got hit with something a bit unexpected. We really felt we were getting some momentum going in our lives, and getting well…

And then, in 1994, my husband I were faced with $45,000 in credit card debt — with no income.

Every penny we spent was a penny toward more debt.

If you’ve been there, you know that overwhelming feeling to be faced with this money issue, so close and immediate to your energy system.

I felt the burden of that.

At the same time, I was starting to learn manifestation principles, which would later become popularized as the law of attraction.

I remember thinking to myself, “My husband I need to learn to change our lives.” That we were manifesting all of this.

Our energy was vibrating debt, lack, “not enough,” and struggle. I remember standing in the bathroom and my soul said to me…

“Carol… Before this will ever change, the lesson you need to learn is what true affluence is, and what true happiness is. And then the money will start to come.”

And I knew that I needed to start to undo — and release myself from — all the energetic imprints that I had been born into. The energetic imprints that had suggested, and led me to believe, that life had to be a struggle, and that I had to go without.

Fast forward to now, my husband and I have successfully cleared those imprints.

We now understand how our energies are playing a vital role in all our struggles and triumphs, our success and failures, and why mastering our energy is not only a necessity in today’s life — it’s the only way to step into an exceptional life quickly.

It was such an amazing lesson for us. We both know that we’re in a place to be released from these old energies that restrict our lives and dictate our happiness. Right now, I believe we’ve learned these very core lessons for all of humanity.

… So that the rest of you no longer need to learn the hard way.

Now, my mission is to help as many people as possible to wake up and create miracles in life — and that’s why I’ve created this program with Mindvalley Academy.

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What You’ll Learn

6 Amazing Improvements You’ll Make By Learning To Work With Energy


Feel Tremendous Confidence & Positive Energy

Discover your unique energy profile and you’ll instantly connect with YOUR greatest gifts and strengths. Because of this, you’ll believe in yourself at the deepest level, gain clarity on which steps to take next, and feel like the universe is conspiring for you to succeed.

Excuses and procrastination will become a thing of the past (as will worrying about the future). Instead, you’ll heal your own life, and have a profoundly positive impact on other people… with next to no effort. It’s like waking up to the self you have always felt was inside of you — but didn’t quite know how to bring out.


Learn To Naturally Accelerate Your Body’s Rate Of Healing

Over the next 10 weeks, you will learn a variety of proven healing methods — like Energy Profiling®, tapping, reiki and chakra work — designed to accelerate your body’s natural capacity for physical and emotional healing.

You’ll be equipped with cutting-edge techniques to clear and balance your energy — in literally minutes each day. This will empower you with greater peace of mind, profound states of wellbeing and near-limitless energy.


Live At Your Highest Calling

When your energy is aligned, you’ll experience abundance, confidence, freedom, joy, optimism and peace as your “normal” states. Your intuition will soar, and you’ll find yourself making the right decision, more of the time.

Because of this alignment, your mental energy and productivity will shoot up, you’ll feel connected to Source, and you’ll begin to instinctively and effortlessly manifest your dreams into reality. This is what it feels like to truly live at your highest calling.


Be Of Service & Provide Life-Changing Help To Others

You’re not only getting tools to heal yourself. You’ll also learn how to heal other people, so you can clear friends, family and clients of emotional baggage, childhood imprints, money issues, self-sabotage and anything else that is holding them back from the life they want.

Once you learn the exact techniques I use, you will find it easy to assess the energy type of other people — and guide them into healing and alignment. Imagine the truly positive impact you can have on those close to you, clients, or anyone else. This in itself is a total life-changer.


Stop Fighting Against Yourself

When you live out of alignment with your energy (and most of us do!), you’re literally fighting against yourself. You’ll experience struggle in every aspect of your life — from finances to relationships to your health.

But when you start to live in alignment with your unique energy type, you’ll experience true success. Don’t get discouraged if it feels like an uphill climb right now. Soon, with the knowledge you’ll have, you’ll be able to get where you want in the best, most fluid, and most natural way.


Boost Your Income (Or Create A Thriving Energy Healing Business)

For the first time, I will be “pulling back the curtain” on my seven-figure energy healing business, so you can learn exactly how to use your new energy healing skills to create a significant income. You’ll discover step-by-step how to set up a thriving healing practice, expand your existing business, or create a part-time second income stream.

This means you can make more money and have a positive impact on other people’s lives, whilst creating abundance, freedom and enjoying meaningful work you love. This is the ultimate win-win.

A $30 Million-Dollar Energy Healing Case Study

A short while ago, a man came to me for a private healing session. Joe was visibly drained, and spent much of our time together explaining how he was struggling to make any real progress in his life.

He told me, “You’re the energy expert. I came to you because of your healing background and your understanding of energy psychology. I think you’re the person who can really help me.”

During the session, I became completely present and connected with Joe’s energy field. It was thick, clogged and heavy — almost visibly pulling him down. I explained where he was going wrong and pointed out these blocks to him.

Then I gave him some very simple techniques to practice — including “The Money Clearing Process” — explaining how this would clear his mental and emotional bodies, inviting more abundance into all areas of his life.

Less than an hour later, Joe left me with such a powerful, magnetic and positive presence that I couldn’t help but smile. He had a clarity and confidence he hadn’t felt “in years.” His heavy, cluttered and draining energy had cleared, and in its place was a beautiful, carefree, flowing energy — the energy of abundance, happiness and freedom.

This happened a couple of years ago.

I checked in with Joe recently and asked him about his business, the same one he’d been struggling with when he first came to see me. He had good news — his Nevada-based retail business had continued to grow. He had 80 employees, was running ads on the radio nationwide, and he’d just hit $30 million a year in sales.

Plus — Joe was happier, clearer and more positive than he’d ever been. He lives in the now, rarely gets ill, and has improved the quality of his life in all areas. Life is “wonderful,” and he gets to spend much of his time serving others — perhaps the most direct route to long-term happiness.

Joe’s results will only get better, because he now possesses all the tools he needs to heal himself — and get back in alignment with his energy when he goes off track.

He has attained energy mastery. And now, for the first time, so can you…


What Happens When You Live In Alignment With Your Energy

When you are living true to your unique type of energy, you will easily create and sustain high levels of success.

That’s because when your energy is aligned, you don’t experience states like procrastination, anxiety, frustration or self-sabotage.

Instead, you’ll enjoy maximum productivity every minute of your life, and frequently find yourself engulfed in love and happiness.

I have studied the energy profiles of literally hundreds of successful people, and in every case they are living true to their energy type.

No exceptions.

Their energy is running strong and is in harmony with their core essence of self. As a very natural result, they use their natural gifts to create extraordinary businesses, inventions and positive impact.

People and communities look up to them. They live with purpose, powerfully aligned with their energy… and as a result, they achieve amazing things (and money flows to them abundantly).

And it all starts with getting in alignment with your unique energy type.

You Can’t Do This On Your Own

Let me speak openly — learning about your unique energy type and eliminating your blockages are not things you can do alone. Because even if you know exactly what they are, and even if you make a conscious decision to break free from them…

Your existing energetic frequency and subconscious thought patterns will always, always pull you back to them. Back to square one, back to the same limiting beliefs and behaviors, back to the usual struggle. It’s like a giant elastic band, snapping you back to where you started.

That’s why the key to liberating yourself from them is to go to the source… and that’s where I come in. Working together, we can easily identify the energy blocks and imprints that are keeping you from the life you deserve — and then help you to clear them quickly, effortlessly and permanently.

This will be a liberating, exhilarating and life-changing process.

Discover Your Unique Energy Type & Watch Your Life Change

If this kind of transformation resonates with you, we’ll begin our 10 weeks working together by studying my revolutionary Energy Profiling® System. This will help to discover your unique energy type, and is a liberating, exhilarating and life-changing process.

I have already taught hundreds of thousands of people to identify with their unique type of energy, so they stop manifesting the same old patterns of lack, struggle and limitation.

I have worked with a woman who just learned her energy type. With tears in her eyes, she hugged me and thanked me for changing her life.

She shared:

“Before I knew my energy and how it is designed to work, I used to feel like I had to apologize for who I am and try to be someone different. Knowing my Energy Type has freed me up to use my natural strengths, to trust my instincts, to no longer question myself and to align my inner energy so my outer life is now becoming more and more successful.”

She is a successful accountant, and since discovering her energy type and several other energy healing methods, which you too will learn — like balancing chakras and tapping to clear energy blocks — her accounting firm is sky-rocketing.

And her story is far from unique. Because after just one session with me, many of my clients see their lives completely change.

Just imagine what you can achieve in TEN weeks…

Become An Energy Healing Expert, Improve Every Area Of Your Life & Learn To Help Others To Live In Alignment With Their Energy Type

I’d like to invite you to join me for a brand new program: Carol Tuttle’s Energy Healer’s Mastery Program. This is a 10-module program, specially designed for people who are passionate about improving every area of their lives, helping others, and generating additional income.

Whether you’re interested in learning about energy healing, launching a meaningful new career, or even changing other people’s lives, this program will empower you to transform your life and reach your full potential.

This revolutionary 10-module curriculum (with coaching and energy clearing sessions) covers more than half a dozen energy healing modalities, and combines powerful techniques with real world business training.

You’ll master skills and methods like Energy Profiling®, EFT (tapping), reiki, the “Money Clearing Process,” the Daily Energy Routine, reprogramming your chakras… and many more.

Then, you’ll discover how to heal others and free them from their energy blocks. So you won’t only transform your own health and happiness — you’ll help others to live amazing lives too.

Discover How To Develop The FOUR Key Traits
Of Exceptional Healers

I believe what makes you a brilliant energy healer is simply embodying these four traits:


Being Aligned With Your Energy Type

When you are aligned with your own type of energy, you are tapping into the core of who you really are. This means you are living authentically, powerfully, congruently and fearlessly.


Healing Your Own Life

How much have you healed your own life? Is your life truly how you want it to be? Remember, you can only heal others to the degree you have helped yourself.


Your Ability To Read & Translate Energy

How good are you at reading someone’s energy, and translating it to what their core issues are? For example, if you go to the doctor with a cough, she knows it’s because an imbalance in your lungs and respiratory system. But if someone is pushing away abundance, or love, or happiness… do you know exactly what to “prescribe” to bring them back into balance and wellbeing?


Having A Few REALLY Effective Energy Healing Techniques

When you have a powerful collection of energy healing techniques to use (and to teach others), you’ll be able to create remarkable results — and charge high prices for them.

I charge over $400 an hour, because I embody the four key traits of exceptional energy healers. And over this 10-part program, I’m going to pour my heart out, teaching you things you will not learn anywhere else — so you can achieve the same.

Firstly, I will teach you how to identify your energy type — and get back into alignment with it. This will help you tap back into your greatest natural gifts, and express yourself fully.

Secondly, you will discover how to heal your own life — by learning how to read your own energy, identify your “core issues” and then letting go of them — for good.

Thirdly, you will discover how to heal others in the role of energy healer. I’ll reveal the secrets of reading energy, so you’ll be able to assist others greatly.

Fourthly, you will learn some simple energy healing modalities to assist you and others in this healing.

Some are new, like Meridian Tapping, and others are ancient practices, like reiki, that have survived the passing of time due to the fact they are so powerful.

And finally, I will be instructing you on the most direct way to generate a significant income using your new abilities — so you can enjoy more abundance, and help more people.

Only then, after mastering these five key areas over 10 action-packed and fun weeks, will you truly be deserving to see yourself as an energy healing practitioner.

So, whether you want to master energy healing purely for your personal benefit, or if you choose to go further and learn how to help others (and create an excellent income), what you experience in this program will be profoundly life-changing.

Experience The Pinnacle In Energy Healing Training: The Energy Healer Practitioner Curriculum

I’ve selected only the best topics from my two decades of teaching others. You’re getting the most transformative elements from my Energy Profiling® Course, excerpts from my most popular energy healing trainings, copies of my personal notes and workbook materials, and videos from my famous online Carol Tuttle Healing Center.

In each of the 10 coaching classes, I will reveal new content to help you heal your own life, and to learn how to help others heal theirs.

This 10-week home study course follows a specific order of instruction, in order to give you a specific experience that very naturally creates healing. The order of the content will take you through an effortless healing process.

So, just taking this course is guaranteed to “flip” your life from one of struggle, pain and lack, into a fresh new place of inner confidence and esteem, healing, prosperity, and joy.

I am so very excited to teach this class. There has never been a better time and I believe people are ready. They know there has to be a better and easier way to live.

Maybe you feel like this too?

Couse Information

How The Next 10 Weeks Will Transform You (And The Many Lives You Will Touch)

Here’s exactly what you’ll be learning over the next 10 weeks:


Your Energy Profile & Daily Energy Routine

You’ll discover my famous Daily Energy Routine, completely optimized for your unique energy type. After this session you’ll have a proven process to clear and balance your energy — in minutes. This will give you unlimited clarity and energy, plus you’ll learn how to balance other people’s energy too.


Clearing Psychological Reversals

You’ll learn my mysterious Clearing Psychological Reversals technique. You’ll find out how to identify psychological reversals in yourself and others — and, crucially, how to permanently clear them. This will eliminate many of the obstacles that hold you back from your full potential.


Reprogramming Your Chakras

You’ll learn a brand new, effortless process for Reprogramming Your Chakras. Because of the new vibration that is opening in your energy system, you’ll discover the power to reprogram your chakras for more abundance, health and overall happiness.


Clearing Your Birth Energy

What you learn in this session will amaze your friends and clients. You’ll discover how your birth energy affects your health and wellbeing — and learn how to clear the energy if it’s not serving you. This will be a true game-changer for you.


First Degree Reiki Attunement

I like to call this session Reiki 101. You’ll receive a reiki attunement from me, and learn how to use reiki on yourself — and others. Reiki is a healing methodology with a huge demand, and is a highly effective technique to create lasting change.


Using Meridian Tapping For Emotional Healing

In this module, you’ll discover my unique EFT tapping process to create instant emotional healing and change. You’ll learn a simple technique to clear your energy in minutes. You’ll be empowered to eliminate limited beliefs, create balance and let go of all resistance to abundance.


Developing Your Strengths As A Healer

By now, you are armed with the most effective healing techniques around. So whilst we will keep practicing and refining your skills, it’s time to look over my shoulder as I teach you how to build a hugely successful energy healing business(or boost your income in your own line of work). You’re getting a simple five step system to follow, and you’ll discover the 10 common mistakes you must avoid.


Creating Success With Your Clients

This session will be transformative! Not only will you learn how to eliminate depression and self-esteem issues with your clients, but you’ll get my exact process for generating life-changing results in six sessions or less. And, I’ll share my secret four-step process for ensuring your first session with a new client is mind-blowing (and will keep them coming back for more!).


Creating A Thriving Private Practice

This week, I’ll share the systems and strategies you can “copy and paste” in order to get your healing practice off the ground… fast! From selling programs and sessions, to attracting clients (instead of chasing them), you’ll discover how to build a high-quality, referral-led business… and get paid what you’re worth. I have never before shared these seven-figure business secrets — but now they’re yours.


Make More Money As An Energy Healer

By now, you will be ahead of the vast majority of healers and coaches — both in terms of skill-set and business know-how. For our final module together, you will discover some of the most profound and powerful techniques and ideas I’ve ever learned — ideas that I wish I would’ve learned when I first started out. This is very advanced training, and will leave you in the perfect position to springboard your own success.

Also Included:

The Energy Profiling System

Energy Profiling® is a unique profiling system that not only assesses personality traits, but also your behavior, thought and feeling processes, body language and physical characteristics to reveal the true you. This simple reference system speaks volumes once you understand your type. Carol’s system has four types: Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, and Type 4.

Once you have learned the system and the volumes of information that explain each type, knowing your dominant energy type will give you great insight on how to live true to yourself, which naturally brings more harmony, success, abundance, and prosperity into your life and all of your relationships.

The Face Profiling System

Face Profiling is one of the most accurate assessment tools I teach in my Energy Profiling system, that helps us know and live true to our nature — the dominant type we are. Watch and learn, so you can increase your Face Profiling expertise in your effort to understand yourself, and others, better.

Six-Part Meditation And Affirmation For Healers Audio Program

Use these powerful audio tracks yourself — and with clients — to create a wonderful, peaceful state of mind, perfect for energy healing work. You’ll find brand new meditations to create your perfect day, heal your aura, activate your life purpose, and more.

Listen regularly and you’ll live a stress-free life, deal with the ups and downs of life more easily, increase your creativity, focus and concentration, end anxiety, fear and depression, create more joy, happiness, and, yes, money — simply from listening to these transformative audios.

Four-Part Money-Making Healing Business Audio Program

For the first time, I’m also giving you my “how-to” secrets to build a six- or seven-figure energy healing business (or how to make a comfortable second income stream, if you prefer).

In these 50-minute training sessions, you will discover: how to grow your business as an energy healer; life skills that will make a huge difference in your clients’ success; my success secrets for working with couples; and how to prevent your clients from sabotaging their sessions.

Apply the simple steps you learn, and you’ll be able to make a profound difference in people’s lives — and discover how to be rewarded abundantly for YOUR help and expertise.

My Bestselling Book: It’s Just My Nature

The beauty found in my bestselling book, It’s Just My Nature, is that it does not just look at your person’s personality — it also includes your behavioral tendencies, thought and feeling processes, body language, and physical features. This gives you a complete lowdown of a very simple system that is easy to learn and apply.

Many people refer to this system as a “shockingly accurate” way of assessing people’s fundamental nature. One thing you’ll learn in this book is why what you may have considered your greatest weaknesses could actually be your greatest gift. You’ll also understand why people act the way they do and discover how you can enjoy harmony with anyone. After reading this, you’ll be at peace with yourself and in your relationships.

You’ll have this book in both audiobook version and PDF. The audiobook is consisted of four parts, each one of them you can download for offline use so you can listen to it while driving, running or at home.

Energy Healing Mastery: Now Accessible To Everyone

I’ve personally spent hundreds of thousands of dollars improving my energy healing skills — learning only from the very best — and what I’m sharing with you is absolutely at the cutting-edge.

If you were to look for any other solution to improve your life, like medication, therapy or other events or materials, you’d easily spend hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars a month in accumulated fees.

Normally, as a healer, people pay me $400 per hour for private sessions.

But since not everyone is able to book a session with me, I’ve distilled down what I learned from these private sessions, seminars and workshops I’ve done over the past 20 years helping literally tens of thousands of clients… and put it into an easily digestible 10-week program.

That being said, the benefits you’re going to get by studying this program could well be in the four- to five-figure range, because the results are cumulative. Tiny shifts happen starting from the minute you enroll — and compound for years and years.

Just the hours and hours of course modules you’re getting is worth well over $2,000 in value — and that’s only for the training sessions!

Not to mention all the additional resources I’m providing to ensure your success — like a complete collection of training materials (and recordings of all the live classes) you’ll refer to again and again.

And remember: you’re also getting my business model strategy. After all, I know how to make seven figures by helping others, and you will be learning the exact same steps to take, and the step-by-step system to implement.

But I’m not charging anywhere near the thousands of dollars that it’s actually worth.

The cost is very, very affordable, as you’ll see in a moment.

Because one of my missions in life to get everyone in the world to benefit from using these secrets of energy healing mastery.

Every morning when I wake up, I ask myself, “How can I bring more joy and healing to the world today?”

And this course is one of my answers.

What Students Say

Here’s What Others Are Saying After Energy Healing Sessions With Me

“Worth [Its] Weight In Gold.”

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up for this seminar but after attending it has literally changed my life! The biggest benefit was that I walked away feeling tremendous confidence and energy. It was like Carol transferred unlimited energy and potential into each one of us. We learned to believe in ourselves and in our business — in our ability to thrive and to create what we wanted in our lives. All of this, plus concrete business advice, was worth [its] weight in gold.

“Carol had even better answers to the things I thought I already knew, which gave me plenty of improvements to walk away with. I also learned how to use EFT and energy therapy with clients to improve their success even more.”

  • Heather Fougnier
    Life Coach

“It Is Priceless.”

“I can not put a value on this program for it is priceless. The wealth of information is exactly what I needed. It has answered so many of my questions and has given me so much clarity for the steps to be taken and how.”

  • Jeanie Horsley
    Orlando, FL

“Inspired Me To Travel Across The Ocean.”

“I felt stuck between a hard place and a rock — not able to make a living out of the work I love, knowing full out that I am 100% responsible for that circumstance. Carol’s message was enough to inspire me to travel across the ocean to hear her in person. I feel it was worth every mile.”

  • Glen McLauchlan

“Free From Fears And Blocks That Nobody Else Could Help.”

“I have seen several people and nobody helped like you did. You are one of the best at what you do. Thanks for helping me become free of fears and blocks that nobody else has been able to help me [with] get the results you have helped me achieve.”

  • Kathryn Anderson

Experience the truth of your soul

Learn from a bestselling author with 20 years of experience

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Our Aim Is To Put These Secrets Into The Hands Of As Many People As Possible

And that’s why I’ve joined hands with Mindvalley Academy to lower the investment for you.

Because of Mindvalley’s efficient distribution model, and because they can make it available to millions easily, the price for Energy Healer’s Mastery Program is not $10,000… $5,000… $3,000… or even $2,000…

When we first launched this course, students paid $995 for the same material you’re getting right now (only that they got to ask me personal questions — I’ve included them in this course too so you’ll have the answers you need).

And students said it was a bargain.

But that’s not even the price you’ll be paying now. As I said, because of the economies of scale the Mindvalley has created, where “life-changing education at affordable cost” is their #1 priority, we’re able to give you an even greater discount.

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Think about how many people you can help in the months, years and decades to come with this knowledge… and what this could be worth to your bank account — let alone your health or overall wellbeing.


Plus, You Get Two Extra Transformative Bonus Trainings (I’m Giving You Everything You Need To Succeed)

By the way, you’re not only getting the 10 weekly live coaching sessions with me, along with a library of material you’ll refer to for life, and the seven-figure business training. You’re actually getting even more:

I’m also giving you a complete collection of energy healing bonus training materials, so you can continue to develop and refine your skills for years to come. You’ll be equipped with the most cutting-edge healing content around — to use in your own life, and to share with loved ones and clients.

Only for the attendees of this Masterclass, you’re also getting FREE instant access to over these bonus programs, including:

Yoga For The Chakras Course (value $49)

In this Chakra Healing add-on course, you’ll learn to quickly and easily harness the power of yoga with specific poses and sequences to clear, energize, and activate each chakra.

Never done yoga before? Not a problem. Carol starts with simple exercises you can use right away. Yoga experts, on the other hand, will learn more advanced techniques to help them integrate their yoga practice with the chakra techniques you’ll learn in this program.

The Higher Chakra System (value $79)

The five higher chakras aren’t part of the normal chakra system. These unique energy centers exist outside your physical body — and they’re your connection to your higher self, the spiritual realm, and the universe at large.

Working with the higher chakras is challenging — they just don’t respond to the body-based techniques of chakras one to seven. That’s where The Higher Chakra System comes in.

Still unsure if this course is right for you? You can try it for 90 days in full, backed by our Three-Part Mindvalley Guarantee when you enroll today.

The Mindvalley Advantage

As head of Mindvalley’s Customer Support, it’s my goal to ensure you get the best experience with this program. We consistently rank among the top 2% of all American companies using NiceReply. You can always reach me and my team directly at support@mindvalley.com. On top of that, enjoy peace of mind with Mindvalley Academy’s triple satisfaction guarantee listed below:

  • Advantage 1 Results – We work only with the best teachers and curriculums.
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  • Advantage 3 Impact – Our programs get amazing results and student testimonials.

  • Kristi Anier
    Customer Happiness Manager

Don’t Decide Now… Take All The Time You Need & Try My Energy Healer’s Mastery Program For A Full 90 Days

If you’re excited by the potential of transforming your life, and by the thought of healing others (and creating a wonderful income), I invite you to enroll in the Energy Healer’s Mastery Program now. You’re getting 10 coaching classes, powerful training resources, a library of bonuses… and more.

Imagine: just 10 powerful sessions from now, you will be armed with the most powerful, proven and cutting-edge energy healing tools around. You will know how to heal yourself — and others. And you will be living authentically in alignment with your unique energy type.

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So now that this opportunity has been made available to you, will you seize it?

Will you liberate yourself from the energy blocks which have been holding you back, and reward yourself and your loved ones with a life of abundance, freedom and profound happiness?

Or will you miss the boat and choose a life of struggle, where problems are a constant worry, self-sabotage keeps getting in the way of success, and your full potential is never realized?

If you’re ready to make a commitment, I’m ready to help you through every step of the journey. This is a life-changing program and I cannot wait to declare you as an energy healing practitioner.

Remember, you have full 90 days to really try it out — practice all the exercises, do all the assignments, go through all the lectures. Then put what you’ve learned into practice. And see what results you get.

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But this is a very limited offer, and the price will go back up soon…

So, if the ideas on this page resonate with you, I invite you to enroll now.


Carol Tuttle

Click The “Add to Cart” Button & Try Energy Healer’s Mastery Program Now

Here’s what you get when you order (value $1997):
  • 10 weeks of energy healing and building a healing business with Carol
  • Energy Profiling® System Course for bringing more harmony and balance into your life
  • Face Profiling System Course for reading others like an open book
  • 4-part Money-Making Healing Business audio program
  • 5 real-life recorded sessions of Carol working with clients
  • 6-part Meditation And Affirmation For Healers audio program
  • An unconditional 90-day money-back guarantee, so you can be sure this course is the perfect fit for you with no risk on your part.
  • Rockstar customer support whenever you need help, so you know you are always taken care of.

Plus, instant access to the following bonus programs:

  • The Higher Chakra System (value $49)
  • Yoga for Chakras (value $79)

Payment Plan Option

Flexible payment option for you to get access to the program risk-free for 90 days

($297 billed monthly for 2 months for a total of $594)

$995 $297

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What Students Say

Here’s What Others Are Saying After Energy Healing Sessions With Me

“Carol in her wisdom and expertise provided personal healing and growth at whatever level we are personally at.”

“Mindvalley does it again by offering us, another fabulous course taught and shared by Carol Tuttle, Master Energy Therapist! Carol in her wisdom and expertise provided personal healing and growth at whatever level we are personally at. She combines the first 6 classes with focused, to the point means to clear our own energy and the energy of others at a core individual level. The steps and techniques for a healer or non-healer were easy to follow. The rest of the classes, bonus materials, and conferences with Carol, continued to ‘wow’ us as she leads by example real live healing sessions in progress.

“It becomes quite clear that the healing comes from us opening up to the recognition and ease of the Energy Healing personalized processes that starts with Energy Profiling. The healing that can be successfully accomplished by allowing the Universal flow to move through us while using the personalized modalities that best work for ourselves and our clients through this information is the key. By sharing her Energy Profiling tools and resources with us, we are able to move ourselves and others past suffering and into thriving personally and professionally.”

  • Katherine Goodwin
    New Hampshire

“I loved this course. It gave me so much insight to conflicts, blocks and why we get stuck in life.”

“It has opened my eyes to so much and has allowed me to look at not only potential clients, but myself, my family and friends in a new light which has allowed me to work with them greater compassion and understanding to create a harmonious relationship in day to day life. The business model is simple and really practical. You can tell Carol really wants to invest in you and aid you in not only your personal energy healing work, but to bring it into a professional setting so that you can, and will, help others along their personal path of healing. It’s been a blessing in my life to have this knowledge.”

  • Beatrix Barnes

“I absolutely loved your Energy Healer’s Mastery Program! It was literally life changing for me.”

“I learned so much about myself and was able to identify and clear lifelong patterns that were preventing me from succeeding at the levels I knew I could! Before the class, I was frustrated and had a lot of neck and back pain. After going through the course, I am a new person. My business is moving forward and I no longer have pain! I am amazed at how effective and powerful energy work is and I am excited to be able to help others with what I have learned!

“Thanks for all you do. You are making a profound difference in our world!”

  • Lisa Maghrak

“This magnificent course was like a shaft of healing light for me”

“I had recently, this last year, taken Carol Tuttle’s Energy Healer’s Mastery Program, or shall I say, that I was fortunate enough to have had it brought into my life then! As it seemed to be at a most critical period in my life, at that time — having gone through a divorce, and a falling out with my brother and sister, after a dispute over a family matter — things back then for me really seemed dismal at best!

“This magnificent course was like a shaft of healing light for me, at the time, and like the Godsend it was, really helped me to shift energy, release what I suppose, had certainly needed to be released, and gain much real strength, through a truthful and loving understanding of myself and others, which allowed me to move forward in my life, in likely all the best of ways.

“At the time, and now looking back upon it all, I can hardly imagine having ever taken a better course than this one, which really offered so much — and I actually found the content to be overwhelmingly — and included Carol pouring her heart out to all her students, which was unbelievable! And that we can ourselves, even possibly go on to follow in her footsteps, working in our own healing business, and helping out others along the road to wellness, seems to me, to be an absolutely amazing bonus, at that.

“Consider yourself quite blessed, and really fortunate to be involved in this program, as I for one, certainly have!”

  • John DiStefano

“Carol is encouraging, vibrant and a wonderful teacher!”

“Carol’s Energy Healer’s Mastery course is amazing! Carol is encouraging, vibrant and a wonderful teacher. She delivers tools that will shift energy for personal growth and business success. Her passion to help others is present in her engaging lessons, the many bonuses she shares, and the love for her art. If you are looking for that extra something that makes you and your business stand out from the others, this is the course for you! Let Carol empower you to open the door and be all that you can be!

Thank you, Carol, for this great opportunity!”

  • Kristine Bolstridge

“This course has changed my life. I can honestly say that this information has completely blessed my marriage.”

“I joined Carol’s Energy Healing program to help myself and to have a better understanding of how to help the people I love. This course has changed my life. I can honestly say that this information has completely blessed my marriage. I can never thank Carol enough for how much she has changed my marriage and family relationships for the better.

“I use the information here every day in my own personal life and with my loved ones. The daily energy practice, tapping, helping to clear childhood issues and learning how to utilize these things according to my type have been huge assets in my personal healing. Also, I have so much greater understanding and insight about the types of the people around me and am able to connect with them and help them to be and feel understood.

“I wasn’t interested in an energy healing practice or business so I wasn’t sure if that part of the program would be helpful for me. Instead, I have found that I have been able to use that valuable part of the program to help me in the business and work that I do have. Being clear about my value, clearing money issues, all of this has been of great benefit to me. I think this program is one of the best decisions I ever made.”

  • Mindy Koch

Click The “Add to Cart” Button & Try Energy Healer’s Mastery Program Now

Here’s what you get when you order (value $1997):
  • 10 weeks of energy healing and building a healing business with Carol
  • Energy Profiling® System Course for bringing more harmony and balance into your life
  • Face Profiling System Course for reading others like an open book
  • 4-part Money-Making Healing Business audio program
  • 5 real-life recorded sessions of Carol working with clients
  • 6-part Meditation And Affirmation For Healers audio program
  • An unconditional 90-day money-back guarantee, so you can be sure this course is the perfect fit for you with no risk on your part.
  • Rockstar customer support whenever you need help, so you know you are always taken care of.

Plus, instant access to the following bonus programs:

  • The Higher Chakra System (value $49)
  • Yoga for Chakras (value $79)

Payment Plan Option

Flexible payment option for you to get access to the program risk-free for 90 days

($297 billed monthly for 2 months for a total of $594)

$995 $297

Add to Cart

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Single Payment Option

Get instant access with one payment

$995 $495

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